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Late Pop Artist Steve Kaufman “SAK” Estate Finally Settled

It took over 7 years to settle one of the most difficult contested Will’s I have ever seen – this one concerning the final wishes of famous American Pop Artist, Steve A. Kaufman – the former protege of Andy Warhol, who nicknamed him “SAK” – Steve became the “Andy Warhol of the 90’s” and his art was in great demand.

As Steve’s long time best friend, he assigned me as executor and I lead the fight to protect and carry out his wishes.

With 19 beneficiaries’, 8 lawyers, prior legal battles to resolve and jammed up court calendars, it’s no wonder it took so long.

I put in close to 2000 hours, and while I never want to go through anything like this again, for Steve I would do anything.

People always say “money is the root of all evil”, but I found that’s not exactly true.  It’s the “desire” for other people’s money and belongings that is the “true” root of all evil – AND – it’s the lawyers who end up with the most.

Now that the Estate of Steve Kaufman is finally closed, I’m focused on continuing Steve’s legacy. Steve and I became best friends within a month of meeting, and continued talk daily until his untimely death. I was the last person he spoke to before he died. It is my honor and privilege to make sure that Steve Kaufman’s dreams are reached and that Steve’s paintings continue to be enjoyed and charished. Steve’s paintings will undoubtedly become an amazing investment as there will never be anyone this talented in the pop art world again.

I own the largest collection in the world of Steve Kaufman’s best paintings; the one-of-a-kind unique’s and Superhero originals.  Many have never been seen by more than a handful of people who were close to Steve.   Steve’s Superhero paintings, many of which have never been seen, are his claim to fame. Now, its time to let the world enjoy them. Many were the collaboration of Steve & Stan Lee, and thus are also signed by Stan Lee. Steve was the first pop artist to combine both Marvel and DC Comics in pop art paintings. is the exclusive online gallery where you can view/purchase these rare and special paintings created by Steve Kaufman.

Upon request, we will arrange a private viewing – contact us directly 310.625.2541.

WWW.STEVEKAUFMANPOPART.COM promises to only sell paintings that are in pristine condition, come complete with a COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) and at the best possible prices.

All my best to the Friends and Collectors of Steve Kaufman Pop Art,


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