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Love SAK

Love #SAK Forever Andy Warhol and Steve Kaufman Art Inspire in Heartwarming Exhibition “Loving SAK Forever”

January 21, 2015 / Bologna, Italy — American Pop Art, Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC are proud to announce the Andy Warhol and Steve Kaufman exhibition “Loving SAK Forever,” from January 23 to February 15, 2016 at Galleria Cavour 2, 40124 Bologna, Italy.

This exhibition is located in the vehicle area of Dr. Maria Antonia Zambonelli in cooperation with Harley Davidson and Rosini Gutman Collection, and was conceptualized by Mario Casali, author of the project “Steve Kaufman Art of Clothing.”

The pieces for display, some of which are Andy Warhol’s, were selected from the notable collection of Rosini Gutman. All are presented in collaboration with American Pop Art, Inc. and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC, an effort coordinated in Europe by Alberto Panizzoli and Gianfranco Rosini.

Visitors will explore a space turned sanctuary dedicated to Pop Art right in the heart of Bologna –a powerful mix of lines, shapes, and colors from the hands of artists Andy Warhol and Steve Kaufman, New Pop Art forerunner.

In addition to its fine selection of Pop Art icons, “Loving SAK Forever” is an emotional experience more thorough than the average exhibition. It marks the beginning of a research and development project dedicated to the late Steve Kaufman, a project that will continue indefinitely as a cross cultural and creative axis linking Bologna, Italy to New York and Los Angeles, USA.

Accompanying the art will be creations by “Steve Kaufman Art of Clothing,” exclusive items entirely handmade and inspired by SAK art and featuring officially licensed imagery of Steve Kaufman’s famous Uniques and Limited Editions. Lastly, visitors will find a “Pop Art Kit” with apparel dedicated to this special event and robust Bologna.

For more information about the exhibition “Loving SAK Forever” and Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC, please call 011-39-3472737962 in Europe and 516-509-4676 FREE in the U.S.

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