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Steve Kaufman has helped 170 charities 1987 to 2002 Charity donations of art is $4,670,000. The main charity foundations are the following:

2003 Give Kids a Break

We have raised over $186k, $70k in a PO to GKAB for $70k + $12,096 + Plus $80k in 60 days. Plus $180k paid over 3 years for a total of $527,096

Oct 14, 2003 I secured the income of $70,000 in sales of my paintings from an Art Gallery. The income will be paid over the next 5 months, Barry has written a new invoice separate from Art studio invoices, I then donate 100% of the $70,000 to Give Kids A Break.

Oct 20, 2003 an additional $12,096 was deposited into GKAB bank account from sales of Steve Kaufman’s art.

Nov 1, 2003 I secure the income of $180,000 in sales of my paintings I then donate 100% to Give Kids A Break, it will be paid in payments of $5,000 a month $60,000 a year paid over 3 years.

Opening an Art Studio in Las Vegas youth prison system. Using these kids in LA at my LA office and the kids in the Las Vegas Art Studio to do special projects, Art shows in Europe & USA, etc to raise money for Give Kids A Break.

Buying 1000 orange trees and planting them in East LA & South Central, so in 5 years from now, the poor of the poor will have something to eat. 1000 Orange trees would brighten up these poverty areas and supply a food source for generations to come.

My staff of kids will become a modern day “Johnny Appleseeds” by planting these trees but with oranges not apples (going to churches in East LA & South Central and giving away the free trees to home owners to plant their free tree). Talking to Apple Computer Corp., doing art trades and trading paintings of their Apple Corp. logo for their corporate art collection, for computers for an after school program that “Give Kids A Break” will start, or we would go to school and give away 1000 pairs of free sneakers that we will get from Nikes in an art trade, we would hire Opportunity Village (a non profit corp. in Vegas) that hires handicap kids in Las Vegas and work thru them to give these handicap kids work that generate pride in themselves, we would create other small projects to better people’s lives in the inner city of LA and Vegas.

“Pop Artist Steve Kaufman’s Future Plan: Art Studio Inside Las Vegas’ Correction Center.”

2003 other charity Steve Kaufman support.

Positively Kids $35k in art Arthritis Foundation Las Vegas $61k in art Opportunity Village $40k in art Dean Martin Foundation $85k in art Elton John Foundation $25k in art Ronald McDonald house $15k in art Cancer Society $5k in art March of Dimes $18k in art Easter Seals $23k in art Nevada Arts Advocates $20k in art Fairacre School of London $18k in art Saint Mary School $3k in art American Diabetes Association & United Cerebral Palsey foundation $18k in art Love Ride $5k in art One London art show in Nov. 100% of the cash income that Steve Kaufman receive will be given to Give Kids A Break. Two Germany art shows in Nov. 100% of the cash income that Steve Kaufman receives will be given to Give Kids A Break. “It cost nothing to be nice but it costs everything not to be” – Steve Kaufman

Steve Kaufman presents Arthritis Foundation of Las Vegas
Steve Kaufman “Making a Mark” War of the Hepatitis B

The Art of Treating Chronic Hepatitis B Event

sponsored by

On the “Mark” interview with artist STEVE KAUFMAN

Q How has your participation in this program increased your awareness of chronic hepatitis B (CHB)?
A When this project came into view, I decide to research it myself. I spent 15 hours studying CHB on the Internet. I just took my life experience, having suffered personally from a severe chronic illness, to understand CHB and the people who have it. By using my knowledge, I was able to create the proper image.

Q How do you believe the art you will be creating will speak to the public?.
A Giving CHB an image is like giving the bad guy in a movie a face versus him hiding behind a mask. People need to see this disease to face it. By giving it an image, I hope it will help millions of people.

Q Who, creatively, has made a mark on you as an artist? Whom do you believe you have made a mark on?
A The first artist who inspired me was Leonardo da Vinci, because he was both an artist and a scientist. His scientific drawings were amazing. His inventions of tanks and flying machines were way ahead of his time.
I believe that I left a mark on the hundreds of kids that come to my studio and work. They see me as a famous artist who can create ideas from ideas inside of me. I give them the opportunity to do the same. Hopefully, they take what they learn from working with me and create things that they have a passion for.

Kids are our future and to give them a break is all they need. My charity is called “Give Kids A Break,” where I have helped thousand of inner city kids that aren’t given a change by society. I give them a job where they learn to be responsible and respectful. When they have those quantities, they can feel free to express themselves better to society. The end result is become a person who is giving back to society and to try to make it a better place to live.

Q Please explain your views on the connection between art and science?
A I believe that people who are “right brain or left brain” are always motivated by the same results. We want to get to the goal that we set out to achieve. Whether I use art to inspire people or doctors use medicine to help people, there’s always the same goal – to make the world a better place to live.

Steve Kaufman Comments at The Art of Treating Chronic Hepatitis B Event

Thank you all for coming here tonight, and showing your commitment to fighting this disease. I’d like to thank BMS for giving me the opportunity to create this art… I believe art can actually educate. By giving a face and an image to the disease, everyone can know what the hepatitis B virus is.

Each of us learns in different ways. Some of us are verbal learners and others learn visually. As an artist, this has always intrigued me. As you look at the paintings that are sitting on the perimeter of the room – I hope you will notice that words aren’t necessary to understand them.
I have done a lot of research on this disease, and by getting engaged, I am now committed to help fight it. Once again, I’d like to thank BMS for inviting me here, and I’m now going to ask all of you to come over to sign the painting as a pledge to work together to learn more about the disease and to communicate to the community the importance of raising awareness.

I am very excited to be a part of such a unique event that brings together physicians and advocates to raise awareness. When I first became aware of this event, I didn’t quite understand this disease and how many people are affected.

Now I realize the impact this disease has on patients and their families. Please join me in the Foyer of the Paramount Theater where you will be asked to help show your support for increased awareness of chronic hepatitis B by signing your name on an original Kaufman painting. The finished piece, including your signature, may be on display as part of a community disease awareness campaign in Los Angeles.

I’m looking forward to working with you to create this piece of art that symbolizes the fight against chronic hepatitis B.

As an artist, thank you for helping me “Make My Mark”.

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