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Legends of The Factory Reunite in “Forever: Andy Warhol & Steve Kaufman” Art Exhibition in Germany

December 1, 2015 / Düsseldorf, Germany — American Pop Art, Inc., Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC, and the Rosini Gutman Collection present a series of works by legendary artists Andy Warhol and Steve Kaufman (SAK) in “Forever,” a pop art exhibition now through December 18, 2015 at Kaiserstrasse 5, 40479 Düsseldorf, Germany. A private invite opening celebration was held on Thursday, November 12 at 7:00 PM.

This reunion of creative works by Warhol and Kaufman honors their memory and recalls the era when these two artists first met and cultivated their talents at The Factory studio in New York. The theme, “The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will,” evokes the spirit of these two revolutionaries who captured iconic moments in culture and froze them in time—yet remain timeless themselves.

Rosini Gutman Collection, noted for its trove of Warhol art, was recently selected by Diana Vachier and Alberto Panizzoli of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC to represent Steve Kaufman in its gallery and exhibitions. Diana Vachier is owner of American Pop Art, Inc., an online gallery exclusively dedicated to Steve Kaufman. The “Forever” exhibition is curated by Rosini Gutman, and organized in Germany by Eberhard Bachmaier and Silke Rau in cooperation with Hanspeter Schröder; eHventS GmbH. This past October, the same team exhibited at “YA!2015: Kermesse Art on Board,” a collaboration of the Italian Embassy and the Yacht Club of Monaco.

Director Gianfranco Rosini described Steve Kaufman as the perfect union between American Pop Art, whose highest representative is Andy Warhol, and the concepts developed and made famous worldwide by the great masters of marketing during the Italian renaissance.

“Steve Kaufman’s great talent and his immediate ease of using painting in a complementary and reflective aspect as compared to screen printing allowed him, on his debut, to be chosen by Warhol as his Factory assistant,” Gianfranco Rosini said. This ability put Steve Kaufman fast on the road to his own personal success, both in the celebrity circuit and amongst the most popular collectors.

The “Forever” exhibition is sponsored by Aengevelt Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf; eHventS GmbH (JPS Kulturwelt GmbH 2016); Hotel Indigo Duesseldorf-Victoriaplatz; LFPI Hotels Management Deutschland GmbH; Key Messages Borgmann Durrie GbR; Securitas GmbH Sicherheitsdienste; Music-Mix Veranstaltungstechnik – Bühn, Licht & Ton; Brandl Transport GmbH; Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf; and Rossini GmbH.

For more information about the “Forever” exhibition, visit

Art critique by Gianfranco Rosini at 2:36 on the video. (English)
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