Super Heroes

Some of Steve Kaufman’s paintings are versions inspired by existing art and information regarding the underlying artwork is available upon request. Copyrights and other trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective owners. Related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights of © DC Comics (Time Warner, Inc.), © Marvel Comics (The Walt Disney Company) and/or © Star Wars (Lucasfilm, Ltd.) or its affiliates.

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    The edition is of 50

    I: Captain America “Victory” 17″ X 20″
    II Fantastic Four We Are All Pissed” 17″ X 20″
    III Incredible Hulk “I’m Pissed” 17″ X 20″
    IV Silver Surfer “Surfing The Cosmos” 17″ X 20″
    V: Spiderman “I’m Pissed” 17″ X 20″ Signed by Stan Lee
    VI: Spiderman “Under Fire” 17″ X 20″ Signed by Stan Lee
    VII: Spiderman & Lizardman 17″ X 20″ Signed by Stan Lee
    VIII: Wolverine “I’m Pissed” 17″ X 20″

  • Retail Gallery List Price :

    I: Capitan America “Victory” $25,000 (One piece left)

    II: Fantastic Four We Are All Pissed”

    III: Incredible Hulk “I’m Pissed”

    IV: Silver Surfer “Surfing The Cosmos”

    V: Spiderman “I’m Pissed”

    VI: Spiderman “Under Fire”

    VII: Spiderman v Lizardman $25,000 (One piece left)

    IX: Wolverine “I’m Pissed” $25,000 (One piece left)